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Rainbows at School

Rainbows (The youngest section of the Girl Guiding movement) celebrate their 21 birthday this year. To raise public awareness, Girlguiding UK arranged with many head teachers throughout the country for Rainbows to be able to attend school wearing their uniforms. Brampton Primary School in Bexleyheath had five Rainbows in one class, and the girls were thrilled to find that their teacher Louise Hope was a Rainbow Guider too and wore her uniform to school on the special day. Miss Hope was able to engage the whole class with information about the movement, and the girls were able to tell their classmates about their experiences. Miss Hope said :” I have been a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Ranger.  Being a Guider allows me the opportunity to give something back to the movement that gave me so much throughout my younger days.”


There are many Rainbow units in the Borough of Bexley, and readers can find out more at their local library. Rainbows are aged between 5 and 7, Brownie Guides, the next section is for girls aged 7 to 10, followed by Guides 10 to 14, and then the Senior Section which includes Rangers (14-26). Many who join in the younger sections go on to be leaders in the movement.

Picture shows Pupils in Louise Hope’s Reception class at Brampton Primary School who are Rainbow Guides, wearing their uniforms to school on 7th of May. They found that their teacher is a Rainbow Guider and she too wore her uniform for the day. In the picture are Lilly Batt, Megan Cane, Kitty Barker, Molly Crawley and Leah Eagles

Picture by Derek Hope, Kent Photonews-Sidcup

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