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Girls Aged 5-7 years old

Group of RainbowsRainbows are the youngest section of Girlguiding. Any girl between the age of 5-7 can join Rainbows and units can be found throughout the County.

Rainbows have their own promise:

I promise that I will do my best to think about my beliefs and to be kind and helpful.

Being a Rainbow is all about having lots of fun. At our meetings we do lots of things like playing games, go outside, make things, sing songs and listen to stories. Most of all Rainbows look, learn, laugh and love.

This is part of the Rainbow Jigsaw (the name of the Rainbow programme):

Rainbows look – allows Rainbows to begin to understand they are part of a wider world by activities that explore the environment and communities.

Rainbows learn – Rainbows learn all the time both in Guiding and in their daily lives and in many ways visiting people and places, activities with other members of the guiding family, playing games.

Rainbows laugh – encourages games, songs, parties, celebrations, making a mess and enjoying life. Each rainbow develops important skills as they form new friendships, make own choices, participates in small groups and has fun.

Rainbows love – this is at the heart of the Rainbow Jigsaw as she understands the concept of “love” through experiences of caring and sharing. It also promotes the ethos of the 5 essentials particularly the promise (a vital part of belonging to the Guiding family).

The Five Essentials for Rainbows:

  • Rainbows work together in small groups
  • Rainbows are encouraged to govern themselves and make their own decisions.
  • Rainbows have a balanced and varied programme
  • Rainbows care for the individual
  • Rainbows share a commitment to a common standard

Rainbow Songs

This is the opening song to sing at the beginning of Rainbows:

Look at the world around
Learn everything you can
Laugh as you go along
Love this world of ours
Look, Learn, Laugh, Love
Rainbows has begun
We’re all here now
Come and join the fun

This verse can be sung at the end of the meeting:

Look at the world around
Learn everything you can
Laugh as you go along
Love this world of ours
Look, Learn, Laugh, Love
We’ve had lots of fun
Bye bye Rainbows
Sleep well everyone


Roundabout Fun

One of the Five Essentials of guiding is decision-making and a girl of Rainbow age can make simple choices and decisions for herself. She is also beginning to discover that she may not always get her own way and has to learn to accept decisions made by others.

The Rainbow Jigsaw strengthens and encourages the girls’ decision-making skillsand retains Rainbow Chat, the time set aside in meetings when the unit can discuss issues, as an essential feature.

Rainbow Roundabouts are resources that Rainbow Leaders can use to promote unit decision-making. They contain activity ideas, which support the Rainbow Jigsaw and complement other Rainbow activities. There are currently six Roundabouts available. When they have participated in four Roundabout activities – one from each Jigsaw area, Rainbows are rewarded with a badge.
Rainbow activity

Rainbow Sleepovers

Most Rainbows enjoy a ‘sleepover’. They give Rainbows a chance to get to know each other and their leaders better, as well as grow in confidence and gain a sense of independence. Holding a Rainbow overnight event also gives Leaders the opportunity to get to know their Rainbows better. They are usually held nearby so no child will be too far from home. There is a special sleepover badge that Rainbows can be given on completion of the sleepover.