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Rainbow Corner April 2015

To think about my beliefs is probably the most difficult part of the Rainbow Promise. What kind of activity can you use to look at this in a wide sense?

In Girls Matter: Hear our voice there is an introductory session on Its Not Fair, where the girls can think about various situations and decide whether they are fair or not and why. From the Right to…have, the girls imagine they are on a desert island and make their own rules about how they would like to live on their desert island. If you ask a 5 or 6 year old Rainbow what they believe in, they will reply Father Christmas, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. I am sure you can find activities regarding Christmas and Easter, presents and eggs, but the Tooth Fairy is an opening for the Roundabout Get Healthy, Look section: My healthy teeth on taking care of your teeth. Think outside the box, maybe you can visit or have visit you a local dentist or dental hygienist.

Two pieces of news: Roundabout Global Adventure is no longer in print and is not going to be reprinted as it is too expensive to do so. The badges are still available at least for the time being.  I really like this Roundabout as it gives the Rainbows plenty of scope to learn about their contemporaries around the world.  I am suggesting that those that do have a copy share it in their district or even division.

Another matter which may have escaped your attention is that Girlguiding is reverting to uniform from Guide wear. For Rainbows the uniform is a top, either polo shirt or hoodie and either tracksuit bottoms or shorts. Hats are not required but are good for outdoor activities. The tabard is no longer part of the Rainbow uniform.

In addition only earned badges, e.g. Roundabouts or Challenge badges are to be worn on the girls’ uniforms.  Fun badges should be put on a camp blanket to be joined by their earned badges when they move on to Brownies.

Mary Margaret Yates, Rainbow Advisor


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