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Rainbow Corner 21

Rainbow Corner

September is here bringing new girls to Girlguiding as Rainbows, some will have been to school for a year, some will just be starting, most will have been to pre-school or nursery but may still be just a little bit wary.

A couple of suggestions, first if they know no one get an older Rainbow to take them into the game that the Rainbows are playing before your formal start and to guide her into your opening Rainbow.

A Rainbow chat based on introducing each other, Same and Different: have the girls answer questions about themselves by standing up; name various schools in your area, who as older/younger sisters/brothers, colour of hair etc. You ask a question, say who has an older sister, those that do stand up and then sit down, next ask another and so on.  Rainbows can add information and so they learn about their similarities and differences.

An action game to play is My Name is…  Have the girls and leaders, helpers stand in a circle and starting with yourself say “may name is…” and do an action, then everyone else says “her name is …” performs the action, then move on. The actions can be clapping hands, star jumps, twirls, patting your head anything really, combining names and actions helps everyone remember.

It is up to you if you are going to give the Rainbow flip book out the first week or after you are sure they are going to stay.  My Rainbow unit also has a paper quilt which early on girls make their piece and look at all the Rainbows past and present, older Rainbows also like to find their square and recall girls who have moved on to Brownies especially older sisters. The quilt is made of squares which the girls decorate and put their name on these are then glued to and ever expanding background.  In the middle is the Trefoil and Rainbow Look, Learn, Laugh and Love. This is found in Jigsaw pieces: Promise Activities, Friendship Quilt.

Why not plan your first meeting to include a favourite game and a new one from Jigsaw pieces?

Mary Margaret Yates

County Rainbow Advisor

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