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Girlguiding Greater London Kent is calling on residents of the Bexley and Bromley Boroughs to take part in the 12 hour Challenge and give 12 hours of their time over the next 12 months to extend opportunities to local girls.

The 12 hour Challenge is part of Project 50K, a three-year campaign to tackle the high number of girls waiting to join Rainbows, Brownies and Guides due to a shortage of adult volunteers. Across the UK there are 50,000 girls on the waiting to join list and to reduce this list, in the local area we need volunteers to give time to support their local groups in a variety of ways.

The 12 hour Challenge is completely flexible; volunteers might choose to help out for an hour a month or do a couple of half-days in a year. It could be that they have an interesting hobby or expertise – whether it’s acting or pottery, building or book-keeping, the local Rainbows, Brownies and Guides would like to hear from them. Volunteers might be able to help with publicity, create a website, lend a hand to organise a special event, or give a talk to inspire the girls to become more involved with a topical issue.

The opportunities for volunteering are diverse and existing volunteers speak enthusiastically of the rewards of working with young people and like-minded adults. Louise Davenport of Girlguiding Greater London Kent said: ‘We’re not asking people to make a regular ongoing commitment. We simply need extra adult help with various jobs so that Leaders will have the time to start new groups and increase the numbers able to join. If you can drive a car, do a grocery shop, paint a wall or share a hobby or professional skill, we want to hear from you.

‘Girlguiding UK recognises that, due to changing lifestyles, adults have less disposable time to dedicate to community projects and volunteering. The 12 hour Challenge is the perfect solution to enable guiding to continue successfully within the local community, with the help of adults who have busy lifestyles and want to volunteer.’

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