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GLK City Run

On Sunday 16th September we joined 10 other teams to take part in the GLK City Run for Guides aged 13+ and Senior Section members.

We met at London Bridge station where we were given our instructions, maps and questions and then it was time to set off. Each group chose their own route and had a map showing where we had to go for each of the questions. There were also four check points and we had to make sure we went to each one otherwise our score for the questions would not count.

Our team was called Erith Elite 1 and the team from our Guide unit was called Erith Elite 2.

During the day we went to lots of places off of the main streets and away from the tourist attractions which we would not have gone to had we normally of been in London. Looking for the answers to the questions also made us look at everything and was amazing the sorts of things you normally would not see. It was hard trying to find some of the answers and there was a real sense of achievement when we didn’t give up after walking up and down the same street three times and then found the answer. There was a frequent shout of “look, there it is”.

A lot of the questions were about who lived somewhere, the names of buildings, checking dates. Whoever put the questions together had really worked hard.

We walked miles during the day and had aching feet at the end. Despite that though we were really pleased that we had been to the site of each of the questions even though there were a few questions we could not find the answers for and a couple we had to take a guess at.

At the end of the day we met up with the other teams at Southwark Cathedral and we then went to Pizza Express for a cake and drink. Whilst we were eating our cake the scores were worked out and then the results were read out in reverse order. As it got to fifth place neither of our two teams had been read out. Our Guide team finished third and we were amazed to hear that we had won the tie break question and finished first. Our prize was a gift voucher each for the cinema at Bluewater.

Thank you to everyone who helped to organise the day. It was really fun and we hope we can do something similar again in the future

Kate, Rachel, Kirsty and Bernadette
Erith Elite 1
Erith Ranger Unit

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